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Scottish Wedding Photography - The Duck Bay Hotel, Loch Lomond

Congratulations to stunning couple Laura and Dominic on their beautiful wedding at the Duck Bay Hotel in Loch Lomond.
We started of the day photography the gorgeous bride and her bridal party. The suite was gorgeous, with large windows with lots of light. All the girls well in a great mood, excited and happy for the day ahead.
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This stunning setting is perfect for a romantic couple completely in love. The views of Loch Lomond are to die for and make for fabulous wedding photos. Although the weather was a bit drizzly, which for Scotland is the norm, we still managed some group and couple photographs outside on the pier. How could you not, with that view?
Beautiful view of Loch Lomond and are gorgeous couple
The Duck Bay Hotel, Loch Lomond is a beautiful hotel in itself, with large windows throughout, making the ceremony and reception room airy and bright - perfect for the style of Kyla Still Photography.

Duck Bay Hotel, Loch Lomond - Dinner set up - simply stunning

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