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Newborn photography is an art, and here at Kyla Still Photography we are proud to offer a service that captures the beauty of this fleeting moment. Our expert team puts your baby's safety and comfort before everything else, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

With our newborn training, we guarantee that you will receive a final product that exceeds all your expectations.

At Kyla Still Photography, capturing the essence and beauty of newborn babies is our passion. Our studio is designed to make you and your little one feel safe and relaxed, so we can create stunning newborn photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Our specially trained photographer, Kyla, works tirelessly to ensure your baby looks adorable in every shot, from the most adorable poses and expressions to the perfect lighting and backdrop.



What happen's at a newborn photoshoot?

Kyla Still Photography - Ayrshire baby and family photographer

Why book with Kyla still Photography?

When it comes to your newborn baby, safety is my top priority during your session. I have had in depth training in newborn photography and safe newborn posing with top UK newborn photography specialists. I'm also a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) and will take great care of your little one during their newborn session. So you can sit back and relax, knowing your precious new baby is in safe hands.

When do I need to book?

I recommend you book in for your newborn session from 24 weeks pregnant, this is to ensure that you are definitely in the diary for your due date. Once your newborn baby is born you or someone close to you will get in touch with me and we will book in your exact session date.
If you have recently had your baby then please do get in touch as we may still have some availability for you and wouldn't want you to miss out on having your newborn photography session.

What happens at the session?

Newborn sessions normally take place in the morning around 10.30am and can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, just depending on how quickly your baby settles. Sometimes the first hour of the photoshoot will be filled with getting your baby into a deep sleep to ensure that posing goes smoothly without disturbing your little one too much.

Before you arrive I ask you to put baby into a sleepsuit with no vest to try ease them into their wraps without wakening them too much. I will ask you to take them down to their nappy and I will put a wee newborn outfit on and then wrap them up.

I ask you to bring a dummy to the session as this helps settle your baby and transition them into different poses. Sometimes your little one may need a small top up during the session if they have already had a big feed.

The sessions are baby led and if I feel baby is uncomfortable during a pose or for example is unhappy being on their tummy then I will move on to another pose or prop as I want your baby to be as settled and comfortable as possible.

I will have the bean bag set up with the colour of your choice and usually have 2 - 3 props set up too and I have a process by which I work, using the wraps, outfits, naked shots etc.

I usually do the family and sibling portraits at the start of the session, and recommend that only two adults be present at your newborn photoshoot and once sibling shots have been taken that young children are taken out of the studio either with a parent or a grandparent etc, as it is a very long time for little kids and they can get fed up and bored quite quickly. This also allows me to settle baby better and move through the session with ease.

What happens after the session?


If you have selected the option for a Facebook sneak peek on your booking form then I will post a sneak peek of your images in the day or two after your photoshoot. It will be one to two weeks for your final gallery to be all edited and ready to view on a private online gallery.


I will be in touch with you once your gallery is ready and arrange with you what time suits you to view. You will have a few days to view your gallery and choose which package you would like.


Once your final package has been decided upon, I will send over your download code for instant downloads and if you have selected the prints and digitals package then I will order your prints and

usb for you, these take up to two weeks to arrive and are all presented in a lovely box and bag on collection. 

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