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How to plan your virtual baby shower

If you’re pregnant during the coronavirus outbreak and because of social distancing you can no longer have the baby shower you have been planning for ages please do not get too sad, as now there is a new way to have one that is quite different but will still be a lot of fun.

Virtual baby showers are popping up globally now and are the way forward during this pandemic!

So, how do you have a virtual baby shower?

You get all your friends to login, decorate their rooms, get dressed up, bring gifts and play games all online. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Choose a venue

Decide where you will have your virtual baby shower - Skype, Zoom etc, somewhere where everyone can join in and have fun.

Send invitations

Appoint a friend or relative to send out the digital invitations for the time and date of your virtual baby shower

Decorate your room

Buy in decorations and decorate it with baby shower items galore, ask friends to do the same and create a fun environment for your virtual baby shower.

Plan games and activities

Your appointed person can organise some fun games to play online, like baby quizzes, guess the number of jelly babies in a jar, guess the bump size, baby bingo and so on. All these games can be played online.

Open gifts

Gifts could be dropped off to you prior to your virtual baby shower for you to open online at your party or friends could also open these gifts and send them on to you after.

Enjoy cakes and goodies

Buy in a selection of lovely cakes and treat yourself during your virtual baby shower. Your non pregnant friends may like to pop open a bottle of fizz and celebrate this special time with you.

Overall, have fun!

Try not to get too down about not being able to have your baby shower. The virtual baby shower is probably not what you imagined your shower to be like, but it will be great fun, something very different and definitely a baby shower that will never be forgotten.

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