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Cake Smash ideas and themes - how to choose the perfect cake smash theme for your little one.

It's your little baby's first birthday coming up soon - how did that happen? You're probably asking yourself-

and to celebrate and remember this big moment in his or her life you want to capture it in a fun and exciting way that both you and your little human can enjoy and look back on... so what's this fun and exciting event I speak of?... A cake smash of course! The cake smash session, is a first birthday phenomenon brought over to the UK from the US and it has taken Scotland by storm. You can't celebrate you little one turning the ONE without booking them in for a cake smash photoshoot, they are just too much fun! So you've gone and done it, you've chosen your cake smash photographer and now you are thinking about what theme you might go for. Picking a Cake Smash theme for you little one can sometimes be a tricky task but it shouldn't be stressful, it should be a lot fun, I certainly LOVE creating these beautiful, funky and fun cake smash set ups for my clients, buying in props and decorations to make every session unique to my clients. So, if you are stuck on what cake smash theme to choose, remember that I will always be able to create something special for your little boy or girl to love.

Going back to choosing the right theme for you. What does your child like to play with? Are the reserved or wild or talkative or love to dance? Your child's personality should be part of the cake smash session. The theme should match them and what they love to do, listen to, or eat. It can be absolutely anything that you feel will be extra special to them. This is Connal - he turned the big ONE recently and his mum had initially chosen a baby blue theme (I find this that people feel they can only choose blue for boys or pink for girls- but no like i said, I can create anything you would like, let me know your ideas and thoughts and I will make them come alive for you!

Cake Smash Ideas Ayrshire
Cake Smash wild one theme

But Connal's mummy decided that a standard blue theme just wasn't Connal and so she changed it up and said she wanted something wild for Connal as he was a very mild and adventurous little boy. She gave me some ideas of things she would like for his cake smash session and I took these and ordered in props to suit the session. Props and decorations are all included within you session fee.

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Connal's wild one cake smash theme

I ordered the amazing wild themed arrow cake from my local West Kilbride cake make @cutiecupcakesWK and put all the decorations and outfit together and BOOM I have an amazing cake smash set up for wild one Connal on his first birthday! Mum and dad and Connal too were all delighted with the theme, it turned out great and suited Connal's personality down to a tee!

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Cake Smash tub time

As you can see little Connal had a blast at his cake smash session, and the theme worked out well, all thanks to mum thinking about what Connal's personality was like and what she felt would suit her boy. So please don't just feel you have to stick with blue or pink. I really can create something perfectly suited to your little birthday boy or girl.

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