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A list of 10 quick and easy picnic food ideas for babies, toddlers and kids.

It is the season for a good old fashioned picnic in the park and now that we can venture to our local scenic spots in Ayrshire during phase one of Scottish lockdown you might start to think about what yummy food you are going to pack into your picnic basket which will suit your young family.

I‘ve made a list of 10 yummy foods and treats that I’ve tried and tested on my children with great results. These picnic food ideas will suit from the baby weaning stage to your older children.

1. A blend of strawberries, watermelon and oats

Local fruit shop, local shop, supermarket

Weaning Baby

This lovely summery meal is perfect for your weaning baby and is full of fruity goodness as well as healthy oats. Your baby will love this delicious meal on a sunny summers day picnic. This could also make for a very refreshing drink for the whole family.

2. Paw Patrol pea snack crisps

Local Supermarket - Asda


These healthy baked pea snap crisps are a great choice of picnic snack for any paw patrol loving toddler. With the choice of cheese or pizza flavour you are definitely on to a real tantrum stopping winner of a snack.

3. Tuna and Cheese Spiral pasta

Local shop

Toddler, kids

This is such a favourite in my house at dinner time and is such an easy recipe to do for a yummy picnic lunch. Tuna mayonnaise mixed together with grated cheddar cheese and added to spiral or bow tie shaped pasta. For extra oomph you can add in chopped tomatoes and balsamic glaze. It will help keep a fussy toddler happy and an energetic child filled up. It also looks good enough for the whole family to eat!

4. Ham and cheese triangle sandwiches

Local shop

Toddler, kids

Such a classic picnic food, but ham and cheese triangle sandwiches are a great choice for young children, and if yours are anything like my two boys then cutting off the crusts will win you brownie points too.

5. Houmous and vegetable sticks

local shop

Baby, toddler, kids

This is usually a snack that babies, toddler and kids equally enjoy. Babies and toddlers love dipping food into things and making a right old mess. So maybe a few small containers of houmous will be needed if you have children of different ages, in case the older child doesn‘t like double dipping! This is such a healthy choice and you can add different dipping food - a few examples are cucumber, tomatoes, celery (my kids hate this! lol) carrot sticks, pea snaps and crackers.

6. Jelly fruit pots

B&M stores

Toddler, Kids

A fun and healthy snack that most toddler and kids will enjoy. Your little toddlers will love the wibbly wobbly jelly and the fruit goodness in this dessert snack makes this a healthy choice for your family picnic. These will suit older kids too and provide energy to keep them kicking that ball about in the park.

6. Robinson’s juiced fruit shoot


Toddler, kids

These juices are big hit in my house, more so over the original fruit shoots. They are healthier too with real fruit and natural flavourings. The push down lid will help stop spillages and can mean you can always take them home if they haven‘t been finished.

7. Go ahead biscuit bars

Supermarket, Local Shop

Toddler, Kids

These raisin filled biscuits come in packs of 2 (perfect for toddlers that want one in each hand!) and are great after lunch treats for both toddlers and kids to enjoy in the park or whilst you are on your walk. (Munching on the go!) They provide instant energy to your kids and also you - so make sure you pack one in for yourself too!

8. Frubes yoghurt drink


Baby, Toddlers, Kids

These yummy drinks are a new take on the original frube tube yoghurts (which are also a great addition to any kids picnic!)

They are great to add into your picnic basket and come with a screw lid too so your little one can always save some for later! Your baby, toddler and older kids will all enjoy these healthy yoghurt drinks.

9. ‘Chicken lollipops’

Supermarket - Morrisons

Toddler, Kids

Mini chicken skewers (or chicken lollipops as my two boys like to call them) will be gone in two seconds at your family picnic. They are a big favourite! They are great to just pick up at the supermarket as an extra for your picnic lunch and your toddlers and older kids will just love them. They also come in a Tikka and BBQ flavour too...yum!

10. Organix gummy stars


Baby (12 months+) , toddlers

This little fruit gummy bag by organix is a good choice for a special after lunch treat for your little kids. Babies over one years old will enjoy tucking into these and your toddler will love the star shapes too. They come in a variety of flavours and shapes including strawberry gummies and raspberry moos. I’m sure your older kids

wouldn‘t pass up on having some gummy treats either, so overall it’s a win win!

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